Annual Weather Statistics

Sao Martinho do Porto Silver Coast Portugal

 Now that you have found the most friendly climate in Europe how about spending some time

If charts and Stats are not your thing then here's a heads up on what to expect!

  • July and August can be hot with very little rain. Shorts by day and shorts by night.
  • June and September will be slightly cooler with maybe the odd day of drizzle or light rain  a couple of days in the month, shorts day and night but with the odd evening when a light cardigan might come in handy.
  • May and October, some days of showers, shorts on most days but longs and a cardigan or light fleece on the odd occasion.
  • April and November may see several days with short showers, but most days will be sunny and pleasant. Shorts most days, longs and a fleece required in the evenings.
  • December and March, Autumn and Spring, Longs most days and a fleece in the late afternoon and evenings. Plenty of days where a walk on the beach around midday in shorts and T shirt is possible. 
  • January and February, this is winter but not that much different to autumn and spring, though more chance of rain but plenty of sunshine in between. Cold during the night and early morning, but if it's sunny temperatures can can reach the late teens during mid afternoon.

And for those that love charts and stats................

Weather Temperature Stats

Temperature in Table formatPrecipitation GraphPrecipitation TableDaylight hours graph